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According to the Utah Bar Association, the number one official complaint they receive about lawyers is that a lawyer did not return the client’s phone calls or emails. A large percentage of attorney-client problems stem from poor communication. That has not a problem for me. I do not have a secretary; I answer all my calls and write my emails. If I miss a call, I call the person back within a matter of hours.

Regardless of the type of case, people hire a lawyer for a reason. Usually, that is because they do not understand what exactly to expect or how to proceed. When people hire a lawyer that does not communicate, the legal job may be done sufficiently, but that does not mean the client’s mind will be at ease during the process. How much money is it worth to the average person to avoid the dread of the unknown? To avoid worry about what, exactly, their lawyer is doing for them?

When you hire a lawyer at a small firm like Natty Shafer Law, you do not have to worry about an associate lawyer (or worse, a paralegal) doing all the work and then the lawyer signing off on everything. I write my own briefs, fill out my own paperwork, and schedule my own appointments. Phone calls and emails are always returned, usually the same day. I talk to my clients about what to expect and what specifically I am doing for them. Good communication and client peace of mind are what makes the difference at Natty Shafer Law.

Author: Natty Shafer

Attorney practicing immigration and criminal law

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