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DUI law includes aspects of both civil and criminal law. Consequently, punishments include civil punishments, such as suspending or revoking your driver’s license, and criminal punishments, such as possible jail time and fines.

Contact Natty about your DUI case. Do not let your DUI arrest turn into a DUI nightmare. The clock starts ticking immediately after you receive a DUI citation. You have 10 days to request a hearing before the Driver’s License Division (DLD) or your driver’s license will be suspended automatically. There are many pitfalls to avoid when you are trying to keep your license. Natty will help you with both the DLD hearing process and the court proceedings.

Fighting a DUI can take strength and perseverance. Prosecutors are used to having defendants simply plead guilty and surrender. Take the time to fight for your legal rights. You can only win if you fight the charges. Call Natty today and schedule an appointment.

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