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Robbery Suspect Cleared after Real Perpetrator Strikes Again

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The Layton, Utah police department had a Utah man in custody who they suspected of robbing his former employer, a gas station and convenience store, according to the Deseret News. Undoubtedly, he would still be a suspect if the real perpetrator had not robbed the store while he was in jail.

Their suspect apparently told them that he had “talked” about robbing the Layton, Utah store before, but he denied actually robbing the store. The store surveillance video showed a man with the same height and build robbing the store, but the face was not clear on camera. The person working at the Layton store identified him from a photo lineup. Add to those facts that he used to be an employee of the store, and a prosecutor could have easily obtained a conviction. His “confession” would be just too much for many Utah jurors to get past.

Never talk to the police without a lawyer present. They already think you are guilty or they would not be questioning you. You need a lawyer with experience in Utah. Hire an attorney who understands Utah’s courts.

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One thought on “Robbery Suspect Cleared after Real Perpetrator Strikes Again

  1. This is a little scary. His whole life could have been ruined by this. Just shows that mistakes can happen. It doesn’t matter if you’re innocent or guilty, you absolutely need a lawyer to represent your interests.

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