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Anyone Can Need a Criminal Lawyer

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I write my blog from the prospective of a regular person searching out a criminal lawyer, but a lot of my advice would be most helpful for someone to know before they get into trouble. Almost everyone will have some interaction with the criminal justice system sometime during their life. Whether it’s a routine traffic stop, being an innocent witness to a crime, or something far more serious, chances are that at some point you could benefit from a little criminal law advice.

Last week, this point was driven home when a warrant was issued for John Copacino, a law professor from my law school. One Vivianne Pommier alleges that Professor Copacino and she were in a traffic accident during January, but that he left the scene before authorities arrived.

While I don’t want to comment on the credibility of the charges, it should be noted that if a professor at Georgetown University Law Center can be accused of criminal misconduct, none of us are immune. Even exemplary citizens can be accused of wrong-doing, and in those times, it is best to get a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer in no way implies guilt, but instead acknowledges the complexities of the criminal justice system. Even as a criminal lawyer, I would want an independent evaluator advising me if I were ever arrested.

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