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Why am I “The Lawyer Who Hugs”?


I am a person who likes to give hugs. Hugging is a simple action we can all do to show each other that we care and we understand. The importance of human touch tends to be under-appreciated, but it improves the emotional and physical well-being of all participants.

If you are in need of a criminal or immigration lawyer, you’ll want a lawyer who sympathizes with you. I’ll not only be your advocate in court, I’ll also work to understand you and to care about you, as a person. My job will not be to pre-judge for actions you may or may not have committed, but rather to ensure the best disposition of your case possible. For a lawyer in Salt Lake City that cares about you, contact Natty Shafer Law.

Author: Natty Shafer

Attorney practicing immigration and criminal law

2 thoughts on “Why am I “The Lawyer Who Hugs”?

  1. I love this. I absolutely believe in compassionate lawyering and helping clients holistically.

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